Blessing of Fr Byles Plaque

Title: Blessing of Fr Byles Plaque
Location: St. Helen\’s Presbytery
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2017-07-09

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One Response to “Blessing of Fr Byles Plaque”

  1. Nicola Pierce Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m an Irish writer working on a small history book of the Titanic for The O’Brien Press, to be published in April 2018. I’m including a small section about the priests and reverends who all lost their lives but I am struggling to find good photographs of them, including Father Byles. I was just wondering if the church would have a good photograph, in hi-res. I have found the same couple of photographs all over the internet but none of them are good enough to be reproduced in a book. Failing that, I wonder if there would be a photograph of the Father Byles’s Plaque that I could use? I hadn’t know about the plaque until I found your website. I’d be so grateful for any help.
    Very best wishes,
    Nicola Pierce


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